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HGK Solutions provide independent commercial, technical, and strategic advice that reduces costs and mitigates risk for organisations invested in Oracle Technology

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Trusted advisors

For over a decade, HGK Solutions have provided Independent Oracle Professional Services to the UK and Ireland, becoming trusted advisors to organisations across most industry sectors.

Every service we offer is designed to  reduce costs and mitigate risk from any Oracle-related engagement, ensuring your investment is utilised in the most effective way.


Always open and straightforward, we take great pride in our commitment that every engagement delivers the results we promise.


Oracle licensing is a complex technical, commercial and legal matter.  Our consultants understand the challenge and have a tried and tested methodology to ensure you are enjoying maximum benefit at minimum risk.


With an established and proven approach, HGK ensure your Oracle technology delivers the desired results for your organisation.


Our consulants can support you throughout the entire procurement process, from definition of project scope to contract signing.

Anticipate an Oracle Audit?

7 things you should know

If not properly managed, Oracle License audits can result in significant financial penalties.

Our video is designed to show you the 7 things you should know before or if you become aware an Oracle license audit is about to take place.

Unique Approach

Tried and Tested Methods

Knowledge is the advantage

All of our consultants are carefully chosen because they know Oracle technology intimately, the organisation personally, and how to leverage that knowledge to make it work for you. 


HGK Solutions Oracle Client - Conoco
HGK Solutions Oracle Client - Sainsbury's Bank
HGK Solutions Oracle Client - Ballie Gifford
HGK Solutions Oracle Client - WDS
HGK Solutions Oracle Client - Engie
HGK Solutions Oracle Client - Golden Charter
HGK Solutions Oracle Client - drax- Drax
HGK Solutions Oracle Client - First Milk
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