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Client Engagements

HGK was founded on the premise that if our clients see value from our support they will stay with us.

This ethos of providing maximum benefit and acting in our clients best interests at all times remains the core driver behind every service we offer and every client engagement.

We aim to become true trusted advisors by providing services that result in perpetual savings, tangible benefits, and mitigation of risk, always in a straightforward, transparent, and personalised, way.

Thank you for your interest in HGK Solutions and we look forward to working with you!

Client Referral
Client Referral Program

HGK are always delighted to build new relationships, and to learn how we can assist prospective customers in achieving their business and technological goals.

We also believe first hand recommendation is the best way to open a client engagement. In this context we offer a comprehensive and unlimited 'Client Referral Program' starting at a minimum referral fee of two thousand Pounds Sterling for any new organisation we are introduced to that subsequently signs a services contract with us.

If you are currently a client of HGK and wish to refer another company, or you believe that your own organisation could benefit from our services, or even if you have not worked with us before but know of a company that may be interested in learning more about what we do, our referral program is open to all.

For further information, please see details in our slideshow opposite or contact us directly.

How It Works

You identify an organisation that could potentially benefit from our Independent Oracle Services
Client Referral Form 

Thank you for your referral submission. We will be in touch!

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