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Oracle Managed Services

Specialised Managed Service Providers

At HGK, we provide specialised Oracle Managed Services, offering personalised third-party support to meet the unique needs of our customers. 

Whether you require on-site, remote, cloud, or legacy support, our team of skilled Oracle consultants has the experience to handle any situation. 

Utilizing our Oracle database support services can reduce your IT costs by up to 70% while improving the reliability of your critical Oracle-based applications. 

We utilise proactive and preventative managed services tools to guarantee that your Oracle database environments receive continuous maintenance and support, providing 24/7 peace of mind.

Immediate ROI

By outsourcing essential DBA services, you can immediately reduce your operational expenses. Typically, you can expect a decrease of 40% to 70%. Many customers utilize these savings to fund internal businsess innovation initiatives.

Complete Platform Support

We offer comprehensive support for all aspects of your data platform through our Oracle managed services. This includes operating system support for Windows, Linux, and Unix, as well as the application layer. As a result, our incident diagnosis is highly effective and efficient.

24/7 Support

Our team of DBAs located across the UK is available to work whenever you need us. We use advanced service management tools to quickly identify severity 1 issues, ensuring that overnight processes are not disrupted.

Collaborative Approach

At our core, we understand that success is achieved through collaboration.


Our team is committed to working alongside your in-house staff, application provider, and even our competitors to combine our collective skills and knowledge to deliver the best possible outcome for your database.

Predictive Analytics

It's always better to prevent issues rather than deal with them afterwards.


Our Oracle Managed Services provide practical insights and predictive analytics. We utilize advanced tools to proactively optimize your enterprise workloads, ensuring maximum efficiency.

Holiday DBA Cover

Are you in need of DBA holiday coverage? HGK provides flexible and affordable short-term solutions that are easy to set up.

As a UK-based 24/7 support specialist, we can assign a dedicated primary DBA to handle any issues that may arise while your regular DBA is unavailable.

Every organisation has its own support requirements, even if they use similar technologies. Our Oracle Managed Services utilizes a monitoring suite created by DBAs that allows us to address any potential issues promptly.


Customisation is a crucial aspect of our service, allowing us to determine the design, SLA, and the option to use us in either a "Fixed-Price" or "Variable" capacity.

  • Site Review & On-Boarding Service

  • 24x7x365 Performance Monitoring & Alerting

  • Monthly or Quarterly Database Health Checks

  • Pro-active Database Performance Tuning

  • 24x7 Hotline Support Service

  • Access to Technical Data Analysis

  • Automated Patching and Continuous Maintenance

  • Backup, DR, Hosting, Cloud-enablement and Security auditing

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