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MySQL Consultancy Services

The world's most popular open source database

MySQL is currently the #1 Open Source and #2 most popular database worldwide. It is increasingly being used for mission-critical work; however, optimising performance and value can be challenging. 

Specialist MySQL consultants at HGK can assist with licensing, support, migrations, architecture, and GDPR compliance in both on-premises and cloud environments for Community and Enterprise Editions.

Our services aim to boost database efficiency and enhance application performance whilst reducing costs and ensuring the implementation of the latest security updates.



The MySQL Database is a fully integrated transaction-safe, ACID compliant database

with full commit, rollback, crash-recovery and row level locking capabilities. The MySQL

Database is a cost-effective solution for:


• High-performance, scalable Web/Cloud/SaaS and E-commerce applications

• Corporate Departmental OLTP and Data Mart applications

• Operational data store integrated with Big Data repositories (Hadoop)

• Low administration, high performance, reliable embedded database applications and more

MySQL Database features

 Native HA to ensure that your database is always available.

MySQL Enterprise Edition builds on the above feature set by providing a set of commercial extensions around the MySQL Database that meet the advanced security, performance, scale and availability requirements of the most demanding applications, web and online environments.

These extended features are exclusive to MySQL Enterprise Edition and are detailed below.

MySQL Enterprise Edition 

MySQL Enterprise High Availability

MySQL InnoDB Cluster delivers an integrated, native, HA solution for your databases. It tightly integrates MySQL Server with Group Replication, MySQL Router, and MySQL Shell, so you don’t have to rely on external tools, scripts or other components.

Our MySQL Services

MySQL Migrations

At HGK, we provide specialized MySQL migration services.


Whether you are migrating to MySQL Standard Edition, MySQL Enterprise Edition, or MySQL Cloud, we provide data management migrations, consulting, and support.


Our experienced team understand how to identify and overcome obstacles that can arise from poorly planned migrations.


MySQL Healthcheck

Our experts can provide regular health checks or one-time solutions to prevent and fix issues before they become problems, ensuring peak performance for your organization.


In order to comply with GDPR regulations, it is important to be aware of Community Edition's limitations and we would normally recommend a review of your MySQL to ensure compliance. Upgrading to Enterprise Edition may be necessary, and our consultants can assist with every aspect of the transition if required.

For a conversation on how our consultants can offer flexible partnerships with your in-house team to build, design and support MySQL solutions that deliver performance and value please contact us to speak with our experts.

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