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Oracle Audit Support

100% Independent Oracle Audit Support

At HGK, we offer fully independent assistance before, during, and after an Oracle licence audit.

HGK Solutions has never participated in nor been affiliated to any joint audit engagement models with Oracle, such as the Joint Partner Engagement (JPE) programme, nor will we be affiliated to any proposed similar initiatives such as 'SAM' in the future.

Our model is entirely independent and the first step in any licensing engagement we deliver, prior to further discussions taking place, is always the signing of a Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA) between your organisation and HGK to ensure any information shared is contractually protected and never disclosed to any third parties or vendors.

We believe this process is essential to give our customers full peace of mind that we are operating impartially and in their best interests.


We recognise that licence audits can be daunting and our consultants provide expert guidance and independent assistance throughout the entire audit process to ensure the best commercial and logistical outcome for your organisation.

Watch our video below with seven pointers if you anticipate, or are currently involved in an Oracle Audit or contact us to talk with an Oracle Licensing Expert today.

Anticipate an Oracle Licence Audit?

7 things you should know

If not properly managed, Oracle Licence audits can result in significant financial penalties.

Our video is designed to show you the 7 things you should know before, or if you become aware, an Oracle Licence audit is about to take place.

To discuss any aspect of Oracle Licensing and risk mitigation, please contact us to speak with an independent Oracle licensing expert
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