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Oracle Licence Management

Independent Oracle Licensing Support

Oracle licensing can be complex and, if not properly managed, can result in both over and under-spending and situations of non-compliance.

Incorrect licensing of Oracle software can often be attributed to the following factors:

  • Misunderstanding of complex and frequently changing licensing rules

  • Numerous contracts due to licence purchases being made at different times

  • Additions or changes to hardware infrastructure

  • Accidental Installation of non-licensed components

  • Organisational changes such as mergers and acquisitions

  • Personnel changes affecting ‘named user’ counts

  • Ensuring your Oracle estate is licensed correctly is a low-cost, prudent and potentially rewarding exercise.  

Our independent licence services, always carried out under NDA, will ensure your organisation is licensed correctly and utilising its licences in the most cost-effective way.

Licence Review

During an initial baseline review the licence analysis team at HGK will independently analyse your current licence deployments, reconcile them against your active licence grant and then provide a clear, concise, and easy-to-understand report of your licence estate.

The report will identify areas where a restructuring of licences could be beneficial, highlight where licence purchases or reductions may be necessary, and also provide you with the tools to maintain consistent and ongoing internal licence management.

Licence Optimisation

Optimising your Oracle licences is crucial for the on-going management of your licence estate.

This process would normally commence following any review of baseline deployment counts, and involves assessing and discussing opportunities to optimise your Oracle licences for both under and over deployment.

During the optimisation process, we analyse and review licence deployments, infrastructure considerations, and also contract and support stream optimisation.


This process can be carried out independently or in conjuction with our baseline license review service.

Audit Support

At HGK, we offer independent assistance before, during, and after an Oracle licence audit.


This encompasses aid with communications, document and data submissions, as well as contract negotiation where necessary.


We understand that audits can be daunting and our consultants can provide provide expert guidance and independent support throughout the entire audit process.

Watch our video with seven pointers if you anticipate, or are currently involved in an Oracle Audit.

Contact Review

During an Oracle Contract Review our consultatnts will collect data on all current and expired licence and support contracts related to Oracle  to identify which Oracle products are licensed along with the governing terms and conditions for their usage under the licence grant. 

After this analysis, we provide a concise report that includes detailed information on all purchased Oracle programs, metrics, quantities and any relevant restrictions (Full Use, ASFU, embedded) to provide our customers with peace of mind that they are using their licences correctly and adhering to associated licence terms.

ULA Certification

Our ULA Certification Assistance service collects all required information for obtaining an Unlimited Licence Agreement (ULA) Certification (Declaration of final deployment usage).

We provide independent support to aid Oracle ULA clients in interpreting their contracts and contractual definitions, reviewing non-standard language, and ensuring they meet all contractual obligations.

Prior to the final declaration as per the Oracle ULA contract, HGK provide our customers with verification of ULA Certification counts and associated verification data.

On-going Support

HGK offers year-round support for Oracle licensing as a managed service providing regular scheduled reporting and optimisation of your Oracle licence estate.


By utilising HGK as your independent Oracle licensing partner, you can avoid the complexities of licensing and ensure that you remain compliant while benefiting from the most competitive pricing model available at all times.

To discuss any aspect of Oracle Licensing and risk mitigation, please contact us to speak with an independent Oracle licensing expert
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