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Oracle Cloud Services

Specialist Cloud Migration Providers

At HGK, we offer a full range of consulting services for Oracle Cloud Migrations, including pre-migration planning and execution.

We understand that moving to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is both a commercial and technical decision that can be complex, especially if customisations are involved in the legacy environment. 


Our team uses a proprietary migration process to ensure a seamless and successful migration, even in complex and customised environments.


Many organisations rely on us when their internal teams need extra help and guidance with Oracle Cloud Migrations.


We will work closely with your team to provide support and ensure a seamless migration process.

OCI Proof of Concept

At HGK, we recognise that the process of migrating to OCI can be complicated.

That's why many organisations turn to us during the crucial planning stage to conduct an Oracle Cloud proof of concept. 


Moving to OCI requires both technical and commercial considerations, and we work closely with all stakeholders to develop Oracle Proof of Concepts that fit your organisation's needs.


Our objective is to equip you with the necessary tools and information to make the best long-term strategic decision for your organisation.


We carefully consider all available options and their implications to ensure that you can confidently make a decision that will deliver the best results for you.

OCI Licensing

In addition to on-premise services, our Oracle Licensing Team specialise in providing services for Oracle licensing in the public cloud.


While being on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure can bring licensing benefits, it can still be a complex area for most organisations. That's why many companies rely on our services to help them find the best solution for their needs.


We offer expert advice on all aspects of OCI licensing, from bring-your-own-licence (BYOL) to eliminating licensing altogether by using database technology as a service (PaaS/DBaaS) as part of your subscription.


Our clients trust us to help them reduce risks and costs and to get the most out of their licence portfolio by utilizing Oracle products more effectively.

Application Migration to OCI

We know that it can be difficult or impossible to move away from applications that are essential to the functioning of your business.


That's why numerous organisations turn to our Oracle application cloud migration services for assistance in upgrading and benefiting from the improved performance and reduced costs of migrating their applications to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

No matter which application you plan to migrate, our team of experts will collaborate with you to minimise any potential risks with our specialized migration methodology.

Any Database on OCI

Oracle Cloud is designed to seamlessly integrate with Oracle and third-party operating systems, VMs, and programming languages. This makes it effortless for businesses to migrate their applications, mid-tiers, and databases to the cloud.


By choosing Oracle Cloud, you can take advantage of enterprise-grade performance, top-notch security, and uninterrupted uptime.

Additionally, you have access to real-time monitoring and analytics that cover infrastructure, databases, and applications.


All of these features make Oracle Cloud the ideal choice for businesses that want to optimise their IT costs.

Cloud Data Platform Modernisation

At HGK, we specialise in modernising Oracle Cloud Data Platforms.


We understand that simply moving to the cloud does not automatically lead to modernisation. That's why our team is here to help organisations navigate the various options available and find the best fit for their specific needs.


Moving to the cloud removes physical barriers and offers more flexibility. However, it can also become overly complex and hinder agility and efficiency.


Our experts can assist with reducing costs, accelerating dev/test deploy cycles, automating provisioning and patching, and re-platforming. We take a comprehensive approach to your database to create an environment that offers optimal performance and value.

Autonomous Database on OCI

Oracle Autonomous Database automates cloud-based database administration using Exadata infrastructure to improve performance, reduce admin costs, and eliminate human errors. However, there are some limitations and restrictions that need to be considered before making the move.


That's why many companies turn to our Oracle Autonomous Database services to help them make informed decisions and ensure a smooth transition. We specialise in helping companies maximise the potential of their database. Our team will work with you to determine if Oracle Autonomous Database is the right choice for your infrastructure. If it is, we'll help you obtain the necessary licensing arrangement to stay compliant with Oracle.


We'll also provide guidance on using Oracle Autonomous Database to its fullest potential, ensuring you get the best performance and value possible.

Our OCI consultancy services cover all aspects of the Oracle Cloud journey, from the initial assessment and proof of concept to the migration of existing workloads and data management.


We prioritise predictability, reliability, security, and return on investment in every engagement to ensure optimal performance of your Cloud environment.

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