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Oracle Database Health Check

 Database Peace of Mind

In today's world, database servers are crucial for the smooth functioning of your business. They provide valuable insights and competitive advantage, making your operations more efficient.


To ensure optimal performance, stability, and availability of your Oracle-based systems, we offer a range of Oracle Database Health Check services.


Our aim is to detect and rectify potential problems before they become significant defects.


Whether it's performance, capacity, configuration issues, or concerns, our analysis is tailored to address all of them.


We aim to help your business avoid downtime and maintain known, predictable performance for your database servers.

For most organisations, database servers are a significant investment and it's crucial to ensure you are getting the most out of your investment.


Our engineers can measure the efficiency of your database servers to see if the system is operating at its best potential. Our checks take into account various factors, such as:

- Is the database and operating system properly tuned?

- Are there enough hardware resources for the different applications?

- Is your high availability and DR functioning and fit for purpose?

- Are critical administrative utilities run regularly? - Have the appropriate indexes been created?

- Is there sufficient support and documentation of the system?

Take a look at our health check module options below, or contact us for more information.

Maximising your Database Invesment

Health Check Modules

Our team has created a variety of modules that can evaluate the condition and performance of your Oracle Database.


Whether you need a general health check or more specific assessments like performance and capacity planning, we have packages tailored to meet your company's requirements.

Our reports are comprehensive and easy to understand, helping you identify areas for improvement.

General Database Health Check

Our 'General Database Health Check' utilizes advanced Oracle monitoring tools and custom-made scripts to carry out over 400 system checks.


These checks cover areas such as:


  • Operating System Configuration

  • Oracle Configuration

  • Resource Configuration

  • Database Configuration

  • Backup and Maintenance

  • General Security

  • Service & Supportability Landscape

The General Health Check serves as the base for additional health check modules.

High Availability and Disaster Recovery Health Check 

Our HA & DR reviews cover various areas such as:


  • Backup and restore integrity

  • High availability Review

  • Recovery time and objective review

  • Fail-over testing

  • Documentation analysis & review

Performance Health Check

Performance reviews are conducted to address specific issues related to Oracle Performance. This includes:


  • Index performance (such as missing, duplicate, or unnecessary indexes)

  • Wait stats and queues

  • Database locks

  • Query performance (including the top 25 frequent and most costly queries)

  • Resource utilization (including CPU, memory, disk, and network usage).

Architecture Health Check

Are you unsure about the number of Oracle Databases that have been deployed and whether they meet your architecture guidelines? This module can provide you with instant insight into the following areas:


  • Oracle Discovery

  • Service Landscape & Supportability

  • Business Criticality Review

  • Datacentre Capability

  • Hardware Capability

After the health check is complete, you will be provided with a detailed report that includes our findings. The report is designed to be easy to read and informative, and all findings are graded based on their importance and impact on your Oracle Infrastructure performance.


Each report includes clear information such as the criticality of the issue, the problem itself and why it is problematic, along with suggested next steps for resolution and remediation.

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