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£1m Licence review...

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

After rapid growth, and multiple reorganisations, our customer required a comprehensive review of their IT architecture to make sure it was fit for purpose going forward. Acquisition was a distinct possibility, and the IT assets of the company represented a significant portion of the potential value. It was more important than ever to make sure everything was well documented.

HGK Solutions formed part of a multi disciplined team of independent experts engaged to help. Our first challenge was to conduct a full analysis of the Oracle technology in use. Trace what had been acquired and why, document it's use, establish a reliable method to keep the records straight, and determine whether it represented a sound basis for future growth plans.

For HGK consultants - this was a well-trodden path. Using our knowledge of the Oracle ecosystem, we traced all the orders placed by the variety of businesses acquired by the company along the way, consolidating them into referenceable data and mapping the results to the current business use across multiple geographies.

It quickly became apparent that a significant gap existed between licensed and actual usage. Especially in locations where IT support was less mature.

HGK were able to quantify the gap, and negotiate a deal with Oracle to rectify the position globally.

Later, it became clear that had Oracle decided to conduct an audit, the organisation could have been liable for in excess of £1 million in costs for non-compliance.

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